We Run Them - Skrein feat Graziella and Dubbledge

Music Production: New Machine


DNR was approached by Ed Skrein after we finished working on iLL Manors to come up with a concept and produce a music video for his new track inspired by Run Dem Crew. Ed invited us down to 1948 to meet Run Dem Crew on the night they were celebrating their achievements at the 2012 London Marathon, all we can say is we were blown away by the absolute energy and passion exploding from this diverse and inspirational group of people.  



DNR would like to thank all that gave there energy to get this made both in front and behind the camera, we love you all 



Credits: Directors: DNR films and Ed Skrein Producers: Farrah Drabu and Ed Skrein Editor: Farrah Drabu Post Producer: Sian Hagan Colourist: Vicky Matich @ Envy Post Production Online: Envy Post Production 1st AD: Liam Collinwood Camera Team: Peter Birch, David Filipe, Inshra Russell, Rik Green, Wayne Meckel, Michael Antoniou Playback: Christian Block DIT&Tech Support:: Terry Tsang Styling and makeup: Najat Serghini Location Manager: Dan and Tan Gillies at 1948